"Chocolate Mousse" (A'la Medrich)

Chocolate Mousse. Yet again, I have proceeded to make this classic french dessert. And it will not be the last time, nay - mastering the chocolate mousse is an essential must, if one is to be a master pastry chef - as is my dream.

This time I have opted for a technique used by Alice Medrich ( I just got her book, I'm in a Alice Medrich phase - you could say - or at least - I'm testing some of her recipes). In this recipe, the egg is beaten whole with sugar and water over a pan of simmering water (no meringue or pâte à bombe!). Anyway's I used double the amount of sugar by mistake, but the consistency turned out quite nice (picture below). Needless to say - it was a little too sweet :-)

The chocolate I used was 86% Dark (Freia - the used to be Norwegian Chocolate manufacturer now owned by kraft), and the quality of that is quite bad. Not awful, but almost (Gritty). I would expect this to taste great with a chocolate from Lindt or G&B, etc. In the recipe below I have given the correct sugar amount, as well as my mistake amount.

Chocolate Mousse Recipe (Based on "Chocolate Marquis" from Bittersweet, A. Medrich)

1 Egg
56g 86% Dark Chocolate
56g Unsalted Butter
35g (- 40g) sugar (I used 68g by mistake)
20ml/14g water or liquer


1. Melt butter and chocolate together
2. Beat egg and sugar and water, over a water bath, until it registers 70C (or until it's warm and creamy). Keep beating until cool and thick.
3. Mix the egg mix, into the chocolate mix in 3 batches.
4. Put it fridge until set. Minimum 2 hours.

To make the caramel decorations...just put 50g sugar and 60ml water in a pan (and if you can a tiny bit cream of tartar to make air bubbles). Don't mix! It might crystalize (or harden up if you will). Heat until golden-ish. Spread it quickly on a large tray covered with a baking sheet. Cool, then break into pieces.


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