Tuesday, 16 May 2017

A Take On The Chocolate Chip Cookie

So, for the 17.Mai - the national day in Norway - I had to bring something for the traditional breakfast. Now, what could be better and cheaper than some cookies? Here is the exact recipe as was cooked at DORA in Trondheim on the 16. of May.

 - 115g butter
- 2.1 dl sugar
- about 5 big teaspoons treacle
1- egg

- 4 dl flour+ 0.5 dl oat floar + some oats
- 1/2 tsp baking soda
- 1/2 tsp baking powder
- almost 2 tsp vanilla
 - 140g dark chocolate

180 Degrees celsius in fan oven. For 12 minutes exactly. Crispy. Yield was 17 cookies.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Another Brownies

Ok gluten-free recipe from a bakery in London. 

Makes a small cake tin of brownies:

75g butter
1 egg
125g chocolate
120-130g sugar
25-30g rice flour

Melt choc and butter
Mix dry ingredients
Mix all together and bake for;
180 degrees for 25 minutes

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Makes 12-14

110g butter, brown it, then add 1 tsp water, chill in fridge
add 70g sugar and beat

1 egg+70g sugar (or replace some of it with molasses) - beat it

add 143g flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

"Chocolate Indulgence Cookies"

This recipe comes from Alice Medrich:

1. Melt in the micro:

112grams bittersweet choc (53-60% Cocoa)
14 grams butter

2. Mix together the ingredients below over a bowl of boiling water until lukewarm to touch:

50g sugar

1 egg
vanilla to taste

3. Now mix the egg mixture into the chocolate mixture.

Add 18g flour
and 90grams chopped choc. and 1 dl nuts

Bake at 175 Degrees for 12-14 minutes.

Friday, 26 July 2013


How can some Ice-Cream and Espresso taste so good? Affogato, literally it means drowning.
I didn't believe it until a freind of mine; Gjertrud (God bless her) - told me about this little tasty thing from Italy. So I made it today.

Vanilla Ice-Cream Recipe (Adapted from "Brødrene Hellstrøm")

3 Egg Yolks
90g sugar
20g syrup
240g whole milk
1,25 dl cream
Vanilla Essence to taste

Beat the egg yolks with the sugars. Heat milk and pour over as you whisk. Put back in pan and heat to 80-85 degrees stirring constantly. Leave for 6-12 hours in fridge. Pour into Ice-Cream maker. Voila!

Make some espresso and POUR IT OVER THE ICE CREAM!

Photo: Affogato!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Chocolate Tart


1 Short Crust Pastry Shell
150g chocolate
125g Butter (Unsalted)
200g Sugar
4 Eggs
4 Tbs Cocoa Powder
1 tsp. vanilla essence

Melt chocolate and butter+cocoa powder. Beat eggs and sugar and vanilla. Combine. Bake at 160 until a crust forms.  

Friday, 28 September 2012

Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Mousse

Adapted from Advanced Bread and Pastry (SFBI) -M. Suas

No egg white in the chocolate mousse...is that a good thing? I am not so sure - but it saves some work. This is the first mousse I have made with gelatin, and I must say it makes the mousse stable - with a creamy mouth feel to it. Originally the recipe calls for a "pate a bombe", but that is just not possible using ONE egg yolk! This mousse miiiight be good in a mousse cake, but i´m not sure. Next up I hope to try a mousse with italian meringue.

Stage 1

40g 85% chocolate
55g Milk Chocolate
90g Cream 1

Make a ganache from the above.

Stage 2
Egg Yolk
10g Milk
20g Sugar

Whip the above in a waterbath until thick. Slowly add chocolate mix (at about 27-30degrees) to the egg yolk.

Stage 3

1,5g-2g  or 1/2 tsp. gelatin
2 tsp water

Soak gelatin in water for 5 min. then warm in micro until melted- add to rest of mix.

 Stage 4

95g Cream---whip until soft peaks and fold in to mix.

Chill for min. 6 hours.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Death By Chocolate Brownie Cake - Gluten Free

I don't know where the term comes from, but death by chocolate means...just what is says. This is a super-moist chocolate cake..almost like a feather light brownie..you can see the light brown egdes in the cake on the picture - almost like a brownie. It tasted great with brown rice flour! Of course regular flour will work.

baked at 160 Degrees 22-25min

by in part Marcello Valerio
(if using a regular 22x10cm (?) cake tin, double the recipe)
35g butter
60g sugar
50g choc, 70% cocoa solids
1tbs sour cream
25ml/1.tbs rice flour or normal flour, 7-9g? (can be up to 20g)
1/4tsp bicarbonate/natron

1. Melt the butter and cholate.
2. Beat egg over a water bath until ribbons form.
3. Combine egg and choco mix. Add flour and sour cream and bicarbonate of soda.
4. Bake it. Cool and eat it.

oh....the chocolate topping/ganache! Well...just take 50g cream and 50g chopped dark chocolate. Boil cream pour over cholate. Whisk a little bit. Add a little butter...5-10g.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Plain Macaroons

Plain Macaroons.

Macaroons is one of the trickiest things. To get all the macaroon shells looking good isn't so easy. This is the first time I've been close to a good result (look-wise - they always tasted good!). The recipe uses italian meringue, which seems to ensure a more consistent result (however, I did screw up the meringue - it collapsed - BUT the macaroons still worked! Maybe because incorporating maximum air into the macaroons is NOT the big thing). If you want you can 1tsp. espresso powder for cofee flavour...etc.

PLAIN MACAROON RECIPE (pre-set oven at 160C) makes 15-25 shells

38g egg white + 1/8 tsp. cream of tartar or 1 drop lemon juice
+90g sugar+20g water (=italian meringue sugar suryp)

30g egg white
100g powdered sugar
90g almondpowder

1. Start whipping/beating the 38g egg white to stiff'ish peaks (add cream of tartar when foam appears). In the meantime - combine water and sugar in a small pan. Cook until it reaches 116-118 C. Pour slowly into the beating whites. As you start adding suryp, the egg whites should be at medium/full volume or stiff'ish peaks.
2. Mix together powdered sugar, remaining egg white and almond powder...add the italian meringue to the mix. Fold inn and mix until incorporated. It's hard to describe the desired consistency...it should be dense, but with a little bit of air.
3. Pipe or spoon onto baking tray...let sit for 30min. Then bake at 150C-160C degrees. Yes that's a LOW temperature...but it SHOULD work!

Buttercream recipe to come...

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Homemade Marshmallows

"The marshmallow probably first came into being as a medicinal substance, since the mucilaginous extracts comes from the root of the marshmallow plant, Althaea officinalis, which were used as a remedy for sore throats. Concoctions of other parts of the marshmallow plant had medical uses as well.[2] "

Marshmallows are so tasty aren't they? And what do they taste of? - ...it's like air and sugar and vanilla - it's the candy that one would eat in heaven - the candy of angels. It's pretty tricky, and I did fail a few times, but I will be makin' these again. You will need; a thermometer, some gelatin, and glucose OR cane syrup or golden syrup. Oh, and sugar...bare bones stuff.

Here are the recipes...I tried 2 different ones. It was confusing cause the one recipe said...boil the sugar to 118C, the other said 140C. One said pour the gelatin straight into the sugar sirup before adding to the whites, the other, pour it onto the whites after the sugar syrup.

There are also other types of recipes using no egg whites. And I suspect they are less tasty, but easier to make (Tish Boyle has a recipe of that kind on her blog).

Recipe 1 gave the best results. For now.

Recipe 1 (Adapted from D. Lebovitz)
4g gelatin + 30ml water (sprinkle the gelatin in water and leave for 5min)
20ml water
25g cane syrup (lys sirup)
50g sugar
28g egg white or 1 egg white+ 1/8 tsp. cream of tartar
(+vanilla...or whatever you like, I didn't use any additional flavoring...)

1. Boil the sugar and suryp + 20ml water to 118 degrees C. (As the suryp reaches 100C start whipping the whites. BUT you must know your mixer...mine is so quick I can get away with delaying the beating until the sugar has reached 118C, then i take it off the heat. Because within 1-2 minutes the whites are very fluffy...)
2. Whip egg whites (with cream.of tartar or lemon juice) to soft peak, add sugar suryp slowly, then QUICKLY put gelatin in the pan that you used to cook sugar. The residual heat will melt it. MIX. Add to whipping egg whites. Ke
ep whipping the whites til cool.
3. Portion in tray. Leave for 8 hours. min. Dust with 1:1 ratio of powdered sugar and potato starch/or maize.

Recipe 2 (Inspired 90% from SFBI, "Advanced Bread and Pastry")

4g gelatin+some water (stir together leave 5min)
20ml water+15g cane suryp or glucose+60g sugar (combine in pan and start cooking)
25g egg white + cream of tartar(about 1)

1. Beat the egg white with tartar, when sugar reaches 130 degrees. At 140 Degrees take sugar off pan and add the gelatin to the suryp. IT WILL BUBBLE UP AND SMELL kinda BAD :). Combine, then slowly pour into the whites while beating until the sides of the bowl are cool.
Portion in tray. Leave for 8 hours. min. dust with 1:1 ratio of powdered sugar and potato starch/or maize.

I found that at some points the whites collapsed with the SFBI recipe. As if overbeaten. Next time I'm gonna try to stop beating earlier. The other recipe the egg whites collapsed but t
hen thickened slighly again...Below you can see some failed ones (the top and bottom)...to little gelatin, or just total collapse of air...maybe from overbeating the whites, or just to much liquid being added to them.