Plain Macaroons

Plain Macaroons.

Macaroons is one of the trickiest things. To get all the macaroon shells looking good isn't so easy. This is the first time I've been close to a good result (look-wise - they always tasted good!). The recipe uses italian meringue, which seems to ensure a more consistent result (however, I did screw up the meringue - it collapsed - BUT the macaroons still worked! Maybe because incorporating maximum air into the macaroons is NOT the big thing). If you want you can 1tsp. espresso powder for cofee flavour...etc.

PLAIN MACAROON RECIPE (pre-set oven at 160C) makes 15-25 shells
38g egg white + 1/8 tsp. cream of tartar or 1 drop lemon juice
+90g sugar+20g water (=italian meringue sugar suryp)

30g egg white
100g powdered sugar
90g almondpowder

1. Start whipping/beating the 38g egg white to stiff'ish peaks (add cream of tartar when foam appears). In the meantime - combine water and sugar in a small pan. Cook until it reaches 116-118 C. Pour slowly into the beating whites. As you start adding suryp, the egg whites should be at medium/full volume or stiff'ish peaks.
2. Mix together powdered sugar, remaining egg white and almond powder...add the italian meringue to the mix. Fold inn and mix until incorporated. It's hard to describe the desired should be dense, but with a little bit of air.
3. Pipe or spoon onto baking tray...let sit for 30min. Then bake at 150C-160C degrees. Yes that's a LOW temperature...but it SHOULD work!

Buttercream recipe to come...


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