Death By Chocolate Brownie Cake - Gluten Free

I don't know where the term comes from, but death by chocolate means...just what is says. This is a super-moist chocolate cake..almost like a feather light can see the light brown egdes in the cake on the picture - almost like a brownie. It tasted great with brown rice flour! Of course regular flour will work.

baked at 160 Degrees 22-25min

by in part Marcello Valerio
(if using a regular 22x10cm (?) cake tin, double the recipe)
35g butter
60g sugar
50g choc, 70% cocoa solids
1tbs sour cream
25ml/1.tbs rice flour or normal flour, 7-9g? (can be up to 20g)
1/4tsp bicarbonate/natron

1. Melt the butter and cholate.
2. Beat egg over a water bath until ribbons form.
3. Combine egg and choco mix. Add flour and sour cream and bicarbonate of soda.
4. Bake it. Cool and eat it.

oh....the chocolate topping/ganache! Well...just take 50g cream and 50g chopped dark chocolate. Boil cream pour over cholate. Whisk a little bit. Add a little butter...5-10g.


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