How can some Ice-Cream and Espresso taste so good? Affogato, literally it means drowning.
I didn't believe it until a freind of mine; Gjertrud (God bless her) - told me about this little tasty thing from Italy. So I made it today.

Vanilla Ice-Cream Recipe (Adapted from "Brødrene Hellstrøm")

3 Egg Yolks
90g sugar
20g syrup
240g whole milk
1,25 dl cream
Vanilla Essence to taste

Beat the egg yolks with the sugars. Heat milk and pour over as you whisk. Put back in pan and heat to 80-85 degrees stirring constantly. Leave for 6-12 hours in fridge. Pour into Ice-Cream maker. Voila!

Make some espresso and POUR IT OVER THE ICE CREAM!

Photo: Affogato!


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