Fried Banana Ice-Cream

It's so hot. I had to make more Ice-Cream. I find that in cooking the thing that happens most often is that I have to use stuff going out of date. In this case cream and bananas. The idea with brown sugar came though David Lebovitz, even though bananas and dark sugar is a classic combination...I'm just starting to find out about stabilizers in Ice-Cream. And the only one I can buy in a normal shop in Norway is gelatin...more on this later. The flavour we often associate with banana in Ice-Cream I think might be different from the taste of "real" bananas...

- Recipe for Banana Ice-Cream
Custard Base
2dl Cream
75ml milk
45g sugar

1. Beat egg yolk and sugar.
2. Heat cream and milk to 80C. Pour slowly into egg, whisking constanstly-
3. Put back on heat and warm til thick or 80C degrees C. for 10 sec. Strain.

Banana mix
2 Ripe Bananas
1tbs. butter
20g brown sugar
20ml dark rum

1. Fry banana in butter. Add sugar. Cook til tender. Add rum and cook 10 seconds. Puree.
2. Add to custard base.
(3. If you want you can add 1/4 tsp. bloomed gelatin at this point.)
3. Chill for 6-24 hours in fridge.
4. Put in Ice-Cream Maker. Or do as me, and stir with a fork, or whatever. Every now and then.


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