The Best Chocolate Ice-Cream Yet.

I finally found a chocolate Ice-Cream that works! Without a Ice-Cream machine..
This is so creamy, you're gonna die. It's like chocolate gelato. Probably cause I churned it by hand, the Ice-Cream is very dense, and there's hardly any air in it. I also added sum raisins soaked in rum. mmmm....

Adapted from Alice Medrich - Tales from a life in chocolate
175ml Milk
175ml Cream
2 Egg Yolk
50g Sugar
90g Dark Chocolate - 70% Solids
1 tbs. rum or vodka
1 pinch salt

1. Beat the egg with the sugar.
2. Bring milk+cream to the boil. Slowly pour into egg mix - as you beat it.
3. Melt choc. in micro or waterbath. Set aside.
4. Pour egg mix back into pan over medium heat. Warm and stir til it thickens - Between 79-81. Do not warm above 83-Degrees-C, it will become scrambled eggs.
5. Strain the eggcustard, into the melted chocolate, slooooowly! Done!!
6. Freeze in ice-cream machine, or by hand: use a fork and break it up every 30min til frozen.


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