Homemade Yogurt

Making it thick.

Before I used a musslin cloth it was a little too runny.

So! Last night I decided to make homemade yogurt. I'd never done it before so this was a new experiment. After some research I found a formula that I thought might work.

Basic Recipe (and you can of course quadrupple the quantity):

200ml Milk
1 Tbs. Yogurt (store-bought)
flavouring/sugar (optional)

Warm the milk to approx. 46 degrees. Take off heat - pour into something - THEN - stir in yogurt. Leave to stand 6-8 hours (or more), at (as close as possible to) 38C degrees - until it thickens. I added a hint of vanilla essence and a tsp. of sugar.

To obtain 38 degrees, I think leaving the oven on min. heat is the best option. However you could also leave it somewhere else that you know it gonna be warm. At least 30 degrees. The idea is that the ready made-culture is going to eat it's way into the milk and turn it into yogurt. The sugar might help speed up the process. I left it out overnight to begin with...

After 10 Hours At 20C there was not much happening.

In the morning I put it in the windowsil, with the direcct sunlight hitting it. That's when things started to happen.

After 6 Hours at I'd say about 30C....Voila, it thickened (altough a bit on the runny side)!

To further thicken it I used a musslin cloth and let it drip until it had the consistency I was looking for.

It's easy to make you're own yogurt, and a little cheaper as well!


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