Vanilla Ice-Cream And Chocolate Meringue Biscuit

Well, you might of tasted it before, but for me, vanilla homemade Ice-Cream made with egg yolks is somethin' else than your regular store-bought crap. It's basically just a custard that's been frozen and churned with an ice-cream machine or by hand (like the one in the picture has).

1,6 dl cream
0,7 dl milk
2 egg yolks
25g sugar
1tsp. honey Vanilla Bean or Extract To Taste

Cooking Instruciones:
1. Bring milk to boil, pour into the eggs and sugar - whisk - put back on low heat and stir until thick - then pour into the cold cream.
2. Refrigerate until Cold, preferably overnight. It makes for a smoother consistency. I actually curdled the custard, so I had to strain it. Wondering if it had a slight egg'y taste to it.
3. Pour into icecream machinge, or just put in freezer and stir manually every 30 minutes til frozen.

Meringue Biscuit, or something.
This is something I came up with just to use up the leftover egg whites, you could also make chocolate macaroons. Preheat oven to 180.
50g egg white
65g sugar

9 hazelnuts, made into powder
2 tsp. cocao powder Whisk Egg whites with sugar until they form stiff peaks and look glossy. Only add sugar after some structure has been formed. Fold in cocoa powder and 9 ground hazelnuts. Bake in oven 10-12 min.


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