Chocolate CheeseCake 1

Cheesecake / Gluten Free

I'd never made a chocolate cheesecake before. I just made a normal cheesecake but added 100g chocolate. I cut down a little on the cream cheese, since the cocoa butter provides structure when it sets up. I think the chocolate has a big impact and in this case the 70% chocolate was too acidic and the cake had a yogurt like tang to it. Anyway the base is tasty, and if you don't want gluten free, just use regular crackers.

1-2 tbs ...some cocoa
30g hazelnuts
45g glutenfree crackers
25g sugar
55-60g butter

-some rum
75-80g sugar
1 egg
200g cream cheese
45g whipping cream
22g sour cream
100g dark choc
20g milk choc
1 tsp honey* optional

Process nuts, cocoa, crackers, sugar then add melted butter. Press into Tin and Chill.

1. Beat Cream cheese and sugar for a few minutes.
2. Beat in Egg.
3. Beat in cream and sour cream.
4. Melt chocolate in water bath with honey, and mix in. Add rum if desired.

Bake at 160 degrees until set. Probably 30-50 minutes, depending on your oven.


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